Lone Tree is the rock band you never expected. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, this group of 5 international teens formed in 2016 to create a high-energy, powerful sound that is both contemporary while firmly rooted in their influences from classic rock, funk, reggae, and the legacy of great, live music.

For the first 4 years, the band was named REFUGE which represented what they have always been about: an escape from shallow, inauthentic music. Originally meant as a joke, it ended up symbolizing their drive for social progress as well as their origins as “development kids”.

Then something changed during the pandemic. 4 years together developed their skill and creativity, but being hit with the biggest challenge imaginable helped determine their identity and purpose as a band. They worked intensively on their sound, songwriting, and message letting musical influences serve as inspiration rather than dogma, and developed their own contemporary interpretation. This all happened in their home studio on Lone Tree road and the band knew it had to mark the moment... hence Lone Tree. To the band, roots are as sacred as the principles you believe in. Lone Tree hopes to represent this and distinguish its contribution to the revival of righteous music.

Band members

Teresa Sanders                lead singer

Patrick Sanders               lead guitar, vocals

Gabe Gebremedhin       drums, vocals

Silas Piper                         rhythm/slide guitar, vocals

Ben Matsaert                   bass, keys

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