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Name:                Patrick Sanders


Role:                   Lead Guitarist


Age:                    18


Nationality:       American and Bolivian


Influences:        Allman Brothers, The Wailers, Grateful

                            Dead, Groundation, Xavier Rudd, Ten

                            Years After, CSNY, Doobie Brothers,

                            John Butler, Jethro Tull

Has lived in:      U.S., Bolivia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Kenya

Languages:        English, Spanish

Patrick started learning guitar when he was 9 under the direction of an old-time Nepali hippy and pioneer of the Kathmandu rock scene. He has subsequently lived in 3 other countries where he practiced with expert guitarists from a variety of styles and genres. Patrick started to take things seriously in 2015 when he arrived to Kenya and discovered that a few good friends also jammed. Lone Tree was formed a year later. As the band’s main songwriter, he takes a lot of his inspiration from current issues related to social justice, his disdain for pop culture, and a bit of J.R.R. Tolkien!


Name:                Teresa Sanders


Role:                   Vocalist


Age:                    15


Nationality:       American and Bolivian


Influences:        Wilson Pickett, Alex Turner, Grace

                            Slick, Freddy MercuryLevon Helm,

                            Otis Redding, Shannon Hoon


Has lived in:      Bolivia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Kenya


Languages:        English, Spanish

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Teresa sang publicly for the first time when she was just 6 years old. The song was ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield and she’s been in love with the rich history of folk, rock and bluegrass. Gifted with a deep, soulful voice, Teresa is adamant about not imitating anyone and simply searching for her own sound and style. This sets her apart from many modern singers who she says “always copy each other.” Although the youngest member of Lone Tree, Teresa plays the ‘mother hen’ role in the band and has a big personality that keeps the boys in line


Name:                 Silas Piper


Role:                    Rhythm/Slide Guitarist


Age:                     17


Nationality:        Ethiopian American

Influences:         Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers,

                             Derek Trucks, Gary Clark Jr.,

                             Gladiators, Bill Withers, Santana,

                             Lynyrd Skynyrd


Has lived in:       U.S., Ethiopia, Kenya


Languages:        English, Amharic

Born in the US but raised most of his life in Kenya, Silas started playing guitar at 6 years old; and his love for roots music continues to grow. An avid poet, over the past 3 years he has turned his attention to lyric and songwriting. Although officially called the “rhythm guitarist”, Silas operates more as a second lead guitarist in Lone Tree, especially when he lights things up with his slide. His motivation for writing music comes from a desire “for people to see it as an escape from inauthenticity and superficiality. This band is trying to give new direction and substance to a shallow pop culture.”  Silas also has a pretty sweet 3-point shot and claims he can dunk.


Name:                Ben Matsaert


Role:                   Bassist


Age:                    17


Nationality:       British


Influences:        Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley,

                            Peter Tosh, The Clash, Alborosie

Has lived in:      Bangladesh, Kenya


Languages:       English, French

Although born in the UK, Ben has never actually lived in his “home country” and was raised most of his life in Kenya. Ben likes to point out that he’s the only musician in his family (which is actually the case for all of us!). He started playing at 10, accidentally, when his family moved into a new house that happened to leave behind an old bass guitar and a piano. Ben learned both, and has been blowing our minds ever since. When gig-related crises have hit, Ben has stepped in to play piano, drums and even lead guitar during several live performances. Everyone is curious to see what he will be playing next… maybe even bass someday.

Name:                Gabe Gebremedhin


Role:                   Drummer


Age:                    18


Nationality:       Eritrean/Ethiopian American


Influences:        Led Zeppelin, Funkadelic, Pearl Jam,

                            Candle Box, The Who, Herbie

                            Hancock, Alice in Chains, Parliament

Has lived in:      U.S., Zambia, Kenya


Languages:       English, Tigrinya

Born in Silver Spring, MD, Gabe spent a few years in Zambia before moving to Kenya when he was 9. Around that time, he started showing great interest in music: “We had all kinds of instruments in the house and I started teaching myself bass guitar and drums.” He considers the legendary John Bonham his favorite drummer, but also enjoys lots of styles. Always looking to long-jam, his collection of toothpicks that come from former drumsticks says it all. He will also hit you with the cowbell when you least expect it. Gabe is fairly pissed about the state that modern music finds itself in and has vowed not to cut his hair until “rock n’ roll is free”.

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